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Don Weirather
Nice people and they know what they are doing
Albert Peterson
...the best clinic for low t or ED or any other mens issue you can think of; certainly worth the price.
Matt marinelli
Awesome place thorough excellent staff don't sleep on this place However, if you have any issues Kristen will get it taken care....
J Colberson
It was a real nice experience all the staff was very knowledgeable very helpful and just explained it to me in depth so I completely understand every aspect of it could be more happier
Nate Marshall
I had an outstanding experience at this clinic. Sam, Mike, and Dr. Leve are absolutely exceptional. They took so much time to inform me of the entire process in regards to what they offer, how much, and what the process will be like. Mike even took the extra time to figure out the best payment plan for me and they were able to made it happen! I feel like I am in really good hands. They made it easy for me and really made me feel like the whole team has my back. I will update this review with future experiences, but so far, it's been great!
Dave A
I had a great experience on my most recent visit. Dr Levy is great and Mike is simply the most awesome person ever. He makes me very comfortable talking about personal stuff and always helps.

Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction, also known as impotence or ED, commonly impacts men of all ages; however, it is most common in men aged 40 and up. ED is a men’s sexual health condition where a man is unable to experience an erection or sustain one. While not considered dangerous, the factors causing it could be, which is why it’s important to seek advice from a medical professional. The more concerning causes of ED include heart conditions, prostate cancer, systematic vascular disease, depression, kidney failure, and others. ED can also lead to mental health issues like low self-esteem, decreased confidence, irritation, and depression.

Low Testosterone

What Is Low Low Testosterone

Low-T is a fairly common men’s sexual health issue where a man will begin to have various negative symptoms, from decreased energy to erectile dysfunction, because his hormone levels are not correct. Men need testosterone for their bodies to function properly. Low Testosterone can occur as a side effect of other treatments or health problems. Some of the causes and symptoms of Low-T can be more serious health conditions for which men should seek professional, medical help. Unless a man is suffering from a medical condition that’s hindering his body’s natural hormone production, then he should be producing testosterone naturally. Now, the amount of testosterone being produced will differ depending on several factors from age to various medical conditions. And, if a man’s body doesn’t produce the right amount of testosterone for him, he won’t be able to perform sexually, build muscle, increase strength, or experience overall health. But, with the help of a medical professional, a standard blood test, and a symptoms discussion, a man can usually receive an accurate diagnosis and some treatment options to get his sex life and overall health back on track.

Premature Ejaculation

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation occurs when a man is unable to delay ejaculation in intercourse. Oftentimes, a man dealing with PE will ejaculate before he and/or his partner have experienced much or any sexual stimulation. This condition can lead to several negative side effects like depression, stress, and relational tension when it becomes a recurring issue. Most men will experience an instance or two of PE during their life, which isn’t normally concerning. When PE begins to happen repetitively, that’s when a man should seek medical help.

What are the Causes of Premature Ejaculation?

Both psychological and biological factors can cause PE. High levels of stress or anxiety, certain injuries, and hormonal issues can all play a role in or directly cause Premature Ejaculation. Certain medications can also cause PE.

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