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Here’s the truth: most men despise doctor visits, many just don’t go, ever. And, on top of that, they hate admitting or sharing anything about having difficulties in the bedroom. When you combine those two realities, it’s no wonder that so many men are quietly suffering with sexual health issues that could be treated. We have to shift this perspective. Men need to know facts like: close to half of all men will suffer with a sexual health issue at some point in their lifetimes. You aren’t alone; you don’t need to be embarrassed; and, you don’t have to accept the sexual health issue you face as just the way it is.  

Also, along with the importance of seeking medical help for the sake of your own wellbeing and that of your partner, it’s also very important because sexual health issues are sometimes just a surface, bi-product condition of a much greater, more serious, underlying health condition. At Columbus Men’s Clinic, we’ve helped diagnose serious health issues like cancer and diabetes that had not been identified before seeing us. So, for your sake and your partner’s, please contact us today, and let us help you identify treatments that could get you back to enjoying the sex life you deserve.  

In our efforts to help men find freedom from sexual health issues and to help lift the stigma related to sexual health, we adhere to a set of advertising and marketing values that we’ve set in place for ourselves. We care about transparency, honesty, and respect. We respect the men that seek treatment, with us or others, and we want to help all men suffering with a sexual health condition to connect with a medical provider.  

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In our advertising, we purpose to achieve a balance between attracting the wide array of men, and personality types, that could benefit from treatment, with being professional and respectful of the issue. We are medical professionals, and we know how serious sexual health is, so we never want to seem like we take it as a laughing matter; it’s not. However, on the same hand, we believe there is some benefit to presenting a serious medical issue like sexual health in a somewhat light-hearted, candid manner. We’ve found that striking that balance allows for us to provide professional medical help and to help men feel more comfortable, and less embarrassed, about issues that are truly common.  

At our clinic, we recognize that suffering with Low-T, Erectile Dysfunction, and/or Premature Issues can leave a man feeling very uncomfortable and vulnerable when trying to seek help. That’s why we work hard to make your experience both professional and comfortable. And, as part of that mission, we’ve found that sometimes it’s beneficial to couple both a light-hearted attitude and some humor with a serious professionalism for the medical conditions and treatments.    
Our pledge to you:

  • Our claims are sourced back to medical journals, literature, and reports
  • We always give the proper respect to sexual health, even when adding some “Dad Humor” to lighten the dreariness of some topics
  • We welcome feedback and criticism of our marketing materials that is constructive
  • When we find a better, more honest, or more professional way to present an advertisement, we will make the necessary adjustments as soon as possible
  • We work hard to bring truth to the stigmas that have been associated with men’s sexual health issues
  • Prospective and current patients can request clarification and ask questions regarding claims and advertisements by contacting our staff

The section below presents some of our current advertisements along with the statements made and the sources from which claims were gathered. We do this to provide full transparency. If you have concerns or questions about any ads, statements, claims, studies, links, or other information we present, please email us at  info@columbusmensclinic.com. 

At Columbus Men’s Clinic, we’d like you to find out what it feels like to get your sex life back, renew your confidence, and reignite your relationship.


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